Crockango Angling Club was founded in 1998 by local anglers interested in artificial lure angling in the Kavango River bordering Namibia and Angola.

The Club aims to provide the best facilities and information of an Angling Club to its members, and to promote the interests of the sport in general as well as protecting the environment and enforcing conservation on the fish species found in the Kavango River. All our member are also affiliated with the Namibian Freshwater Angling Association.

The Kavango River hosts 81 species of fresh water fish. Most commonly caught species are, Nembwe, Barbell, and the famous Tiger fish.

Annually the Crockango angling club also hosts one of Southern Africa’s most prestigious angling tournaments, the “Crockango Angling Bonanza” This tournament brings together anglers from all over Namibia and neighboring countries.