2017 Angling Calendar

Angling Calendar for 2017

February 2017
4-5 Crockango Club Trails Kavango River

March 2017
4-5 Crockango Club Trails Kavango River
25-26 Ran League Kavango River

April 2017
8-9 Crockango Club Trail Kavango River

May 2017
2-5 Crockango Bonanza Kavango River (1st of May Captains Meeting)
27-28 Ran League, Kavango River

June 2017
24-25 Crockango Club Trails

July 2017
28-30 Ran League, Zambezi River

September 2017
29-30 Ran League, Zambezi River

All the 2016 videos have been loaded on our You Tube Channel, you can also view them from our Face Book page. Hope you all enjoy them and keep the Sport Fishing Spirits high for 2017

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

The Kavango River